About Lauren Hunter

Author. Actress. Television & Filmmaker 

Ms. Hunter began her professional journey in the entertainment industry with her first publication, the thirty-two thousand word novella, And Then, There Was Mickey (2018). Afterwards, she wasted no time in the furtherance of the "Mickey" brand, writing the treatment and the first several episodes of it's anticipated premium cable network drama, Manic Mickey, the title of the novella collection's second of four installments (2019). ​Beginning her subsequent literary works as a blogger, Ms. Hunter has ensured a vast catalog for L. A. Hunter Productions, including her first screenplay, in director's edition, for a full length horror film, The Trap: A Haunted Story of Gentrification.


Using a paternal ancestral surname as her pseudonym, Lauren Ashley Hall, Philadelphia native, conjures creative works firmly based in mystery and magic. With the objective of collaborating with like minded entities, L. A. Hunter Productions seeks to entertain and enchant, with Lauren Hunter at the helm.


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